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contact pandYou can reach our helpdesk maandag to friday from 09.00 to 17.30 on phone number  + 31 314 674190 (The Netherlands) + 44 203-3188999 (UK number).   

The photo is of our office in the Netlerlands. In Belgium we only have an office and no shop or warehouse.

Status of your order. When you have questions about the delivery of your order or  when you want to request the tracking nummer of your shipment: 
Please send us an e-mail at:

Purchaes orders You can send your purchase orders to us either by email:

Please send your e-mail to :


For all other questions, please use the contact indormation stated below

Company name: (powered by
Phone: + 44 203-3188999
Fax: +31 314-663488
Company reg. number: 34152427 (Internet Media b.v)
VAT number: NL8100.45.485.B01
Bank name: Rabobank
Bank account: 326619429
IBAN: NL86 RABO 0326 6194 29
Address:,  Ulenpasweg  2F2, 7041GB, s-Heerenberg, The Netherlands


 You can visit our international websites at: